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Dog Behaviour Training Ireland

Dog Behaviour

We offer several different 1 to 1 house consultation programmes.

Dog Behaviour Training Classes in Ireland

We offer several different 1to1 house consultation programmes.

For pet owners who have taken out health insurance for their pet, consultations may be covered by your policy (depending on Insurance company and policy), unless the behaviour problem occurred before the policy was taken out.


Puppy programme

If you got a new pup and you want to start off right or if your puppy is already displaying any puppy issues then this is the programme for you.

This programme includes 2 house visits in which we provide tools to prevent and treat issues like jumping up, chewing, play biting etc. and teach leash manners, social skills, and spatial awareness.
Each session takes about 1.5-2 hours.


One to One Consultation

This consultation takes between 2 and 3 hours and consists of observing and discussing the behaviour problem to establish a diagnosis, possible underlying causes and develop an appropriate plan to treat the issue. During this consultation, I will also explain, show and teach practical exercises that you can start implementing immediately.

A detailed treatment plan is sent on after the consultation and further support through email, text or phone calls is included.

Follow up consultations are possible where required.

Pack Walks 

If you are struggling to walk your dog as they are being reactive while on lead (towards dogs, people, cars etc.) and you feel that your dog needs some professional training before you can start working with them on that issue then pack walks are ideal for you.

I will take your dog on structured walks together with members of my pack to teach appropriate response to the stimuli that they are reacting to.

Each pack walk takes between 45 and 60 minutes.

Adopt the right pet 

If you d like to adopt a new cat or dog but you are not sure how to find the right one then our matching service is for you.

Finding the right pet is so important to avoid a stressful home environment and instead creating a home that fulfils both the pets and the owner's needs.

I work together with several rescues around Cork to find the ideal match that suits your requirements and your lifestyle.

This service consists of 2 consultations. After ascertaining your requirements we will set up a meeting with the potential pet to observe overall behaviour and interactions. Once the pet has been successfully adopted I will do a second consultation to help with the smooth integration of the new family member into the household.

Puppy Programme
One to One Consultation
Pack Walks
Adopt the Right Pet

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